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Toddler in Bed

Does your typical night involve feeding or rocking to sleep? Multiple night wake ups? Nap struggles? Maybe your baby sleeps in your bed and you're ready for them to be out? Then I can help! Let's teach your baby how to become an independent sleeper!

Vel crib_edited.jpg
-Bedtime was easy and there were no tears
-You could go to sleep knowing your baby wouldn't wake up til the        morning

-You could reduce or eliminate those night time feedings
-You had a better/more predictable nap time routine
-You could stop your toddler from leaving their bed 50 times a night

Guess what...You can have all of that!

4 Steps to
Restful Nights
(4 months-4 years)

An individualized sleep plan is created. This is very in depth will include everything you need to know to start making the necessary changes and reach your goals.


A 1 hour Phone Consultation to review the plan and ensure you feel comfortable and confident getting started! Perfect time to ask any sleep questions the plan did not answer for you.


You’ll have THREE weeks of daily support and troubleshooting through Voice & Text messaging to guide you every step of the way! My clients usually reach their sleep goals in 1-3 weeks.


6 MONTHS of follow up support as needed through email. This is so helpful since children go through regressions and other life changes that can throw off sleep!

Plus you'll get these Bonuses

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PIC toddler bed transition_edited.png
You'll get my Travel Guide and my Transitioning from Crib to Bed Guide FREE!!

Ready to get started and get your whole family sleeping better BUT...

Your partner isn't convinced yet??

Show your partner this video from my lovely husband!






Just winging it & trying any little tip that you find. 

Thinking that being sleep deprived has to be part of life with a baby.

Just hoping that one day your baby's sleep will just improve on its own.

Thinking that your babys sleep issues are too difficult to solve.

Take the 1st step now to get better sleep for the whole family!

My clients typically see:
-Longer stretches of night time sleep
-Less (or no) night wakings
-Reduced or weaned night feedings
-Easier bedtimes

-Improved naps

4 Steps to Restful Nights is your perfect solution!
We can get started in as little as 48 hours!

Ready to make this investment so you can feel rested to take on your busy #Momlife?

Jessicam W, TN

My little girl had colic and some other medical conditions and we needed additional sleep assistance, so we reached out to Melanie for help. Melanie listened to my concerns and created a sleep plan for my 4 month old. 2 days of using her plan and our baby was sleeping all night, until 7am. I cannot recommend Melanie enough. My baby is so much happier with her routine, and I got my sleep back!


If you have any questions about my sleep program, or if you need help deciding if this is right for you, please DM me on Instagram or schedule a free Sleep Assessment Call. Please note: I am generally not able to offer sleep advice during this short phone call, as I wont have time to gather all the information needed to give good recommendations. 

For FAQ's about sleep training or about the packages,
you can find that here!
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