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Being a mom does not mean you have to be sleep deprived. It's my mission to help busy Mamas, like you, get your baby sleeping through the night so that you can enjoy your mom life to the fullest! I'll show you how to get your baby All Tucked in Tight.



Hey there!


I'm a mom of two, a Certified Pediatric Sleep Consultant, a Women's Health Nurse Practitioner, and your new bestie. I want to be your bff, your cheerleader, and your guide when it comes to all things baby sleep!

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Baby's Room
FREEBIE: Ultimate Sleep Schedule Guide
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Melanie was such a great help to me and my baby. She made sure she had all the details she needed to develop a sleep plan that worked for all of us. She listened to my thoughts and concerns and maintained communication with me throughout our time. After just a few days, we had my baby on a consistent schedule and sleeping through the night in less than two weeks! I would definitely recommend using Melanie for sleep consulting to anyone who needs baby or toddler sleep help!

-Mechelle Quantz



Establishing a healthy sleep foundation

  • Safe sleep

  • Reading sleepy cues

  • Following wake windows

  • Daytime routines

  • Sleep shaping

  • Sleep environment

  • Naptime/ Bedtime routine

  • And more...

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